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Free Essays on Global Strategy At General Motors

General Motors’ international expansion is being driven by a belief that emerging markets offer the greatest potential for future demand growth. GM is not alone in this belief. Not only are many other automobile firms pursing a similar expansion strategy, but so are firms from a wide range of industries. Although GM has long had operations overseas, until recently these took second place in the company’s Detroit-centric view of the world. Now GM is recognizing that to compete successfully in emerging markets, it is no longer enough to transfer outdated technology and designs from Detroit. It must build a globally integrated corporation that draws on centers of excellence wherever they may be in the world to engineer global cars and state-of-the-art production systems. For all of its economic benefits, though, the trend toward greater integration is clearly causing worry within GM’s units. They fear that an ability to respond to local market needs may be lost in t he process.... Free Essays on Global Strategy At General Motors Free Essays on Global Strategy At General Motors General Motors’ international expansion is being driven by a belief that emerging markets offer the greatest potential for future demand growth. GM is not alone in this belief. Not only are many other automobile firms pursing a similar expansion strategy, but so are firms from a wide range of industries. Although GM has long had operations overseas, until recently these took second place in the company’s Detroit-centric view of the world. Now GM is recognizing that to compete successfully in emerging markets, it is no longer enough to transfer outdated technology and designs from Detroit. It must build a globally integrated corporation that draws on centers of excellence wherever they may be in the world to engineer global cars and state-of-the-art production systems. For all of its economic benefits, though, the trend toward greater integration is clearly causing worry within GM’s units. They fear that an ability to respond to local market needs may be lost in t he process....

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Assessing the Health Status of a Client Assignment

Assessing the Health Status of a Client - Assignment Example The assessment leads to the main problem. I introduced myself to my client and asked how I may help him. The man stated that the main reason for coming to the hospital was because lately, he was experiencing the frequent earache. In health assessment, collecting subjective and objective data is of paramount importance. These two stages form a good basis for diagnosis hence if not accurately done will lead to an improper diagnosis. Weber and Kelley (2009), simply define subjective data as the client’s perception of his health. That is, this kind of data can only be verified by the client, thus, the nurse must be equipped with effective interviewing skills. To get this, the health officer has to inquire about the client’s past health history, family history, and health and lifestyle practices. In addition, get biographical data like name and occupation; physical symptoms related to the ears and cultural practices. This is because some medical conditions like cancer may be passed down the family tree. Past health history helps in knowing how long the client has suffered from the disease or whether the complication is a new development. The client may also be engaging in a lifestyle or occupation that puts his health at risk. For instance, too much exposure to loud noise may be the cause of the hearing problems. My client is called Tom Robinson. He is an Engineer who has worked in a food processing factory for five years. He also loves music and uses earphones quite often. His office is located next to the factory’s main processor but it does not have sound proof walls. So, Tom can still hear the loud noise from his office. Nobody in the family has ever had ear problems. Tom says that he usually experiences this pain when he lies down to sleep, early in the morning and after getting off his earphones. The pain has been consistent for the last three weeks and often leads to a mild headache. Weber and Kelley (2009) say that objective data is veri fied by the examiner. This data is mainly obtained through observation, thus, the examiner must be thoroughly equipped with the four examination techniques. Objective data includes physical characteristics like skin and eye color; body functions like heartbeat and respiratory rate; measurements of blood pressure, temperature, height, and weight; mood; results of laboratory testing and X-ray findings. Objective data aids the doctor in diagnosing the main problem. Through this kind of data, the medic is able to know what is happening even in the internal organs of the client. For instance, an earache can be a pointer to a hidden problem like Tonsillitis but can only be verified after objective data is collected. My client had a temperature of forty degrees Celsius but normal heartbeat and blood pressure.  Ã‚  

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Response Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 39

Response - Essay Example There is clearly scanty investigation leading to insufficient evidence to incarcerate the two friends of Absalom. The case should have been adjourned. If justice was to prevail, the judge should have adjourned the case until adequate investigation is done and plenty of evidence is brought forth to aid in just and informed judgment. The judge’s law lecture was to expose unjust legal system, which works to oppress a section of the society. Though sympathetic with Absalom, the judge is imprisoned by the unjust legal system in his decision making. By â€Å"going into a community," Msimangu meant joining the church and becoming a monk. He is doing this to spread the gospel of love amidst injustices facing black South Africans, which can only be triumphed by selfless love. Kumalos emotional reaction to seeing his brother is show forgiveness. Kumalo call Msimangu "Friend of friends" because of the latter’s decision to join the church, which is a home for Kumalo. It is a welcome expression to Msimangu. In book III, Kumalo is healed form grief caused by land and family. When rains end drought and Kumalo receives Absalom’s letter, happiness creeps in from land and family easing Kumalo’s grief. Arthur’s son unites separate worlds leading to reconciliation between whites and blacks. Msimangu gives up worldly possessions, which is an indication of

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Does the Internet Have a Negative Effect on Youth or Does Its Use Need to Be Monitored More Essay Example for Free

Does the Internet Have a Negative Effect on Youth or Does Its Use Need to Be Monitored More Essay Does the internet have a negative effect on youth or does its use need to be monitored more? The Internet has become a major part of everyday life for most Americans especially today’s youth but some say that internet has a negative effect on youth more than a positive one. The question is: are all of the effects of the internet negative? The internet is used by most youth for entertainment, to find information and to connect with people. Unfortunately while the internet can be useful it has been known to cause negative effects on children. Social networking sites are very popular among today’s youth. In recent years cyber bullying has become a trend among youth because of the internet. There are also cases that youth have been exposed to inappropriate websites while on the internet and it had a negative effect on them. The internet has been known to cause a negative effect on youth but it can be prevented if their internet use is monitored. Social networking websites that are popular on the internet Twitter, MySpace, face book and YouTube. It is said by some that youth spend more time on websites like these than studying and doing their homework. While most of the young people in the study got good grades, 47 percent of the heaviest media users, those who consumed at least 16 hours a day, had mostly C’s or lower, compared with 23 percent of those who typically consumed media three hours a day or less (New York Times). Some youth can spend all day on social networking sites. Often times social networking sites can also become a distraction to youth. Most youth would much rather get on face book or twitter than study or write a paper. Most of the time youth can begin writing a paper but end up spending hours on face book. Social networking sites also have been known to cause children to be kidnapped or raped. Because of the amount of information that can be put on these sites it is easy for them to be tracked. There have also been cases where youth have chatted someone under the impression that they were someone else. There have been several cases where children have been harmed because someone found them on social netwo rking site. This can only be prevented if youth internet is monitored. So it seems that social networking sites can only have a negative effect if the time they spend on social networks is not being monitored correctly. Cyber bullying is another negative effect from the internet. Cyber bullying is using the Internet to  send or post texts or images intended to hurt or embarrass another person. It has been said that forty-three percent of teens have been victimized by cyber-bullying in the last year ( is a result of youth being mad at another peer or just trying to have fun. Cyber-bullying has been said to cause depression and sometimes even suicide among youth. It has become a major problem among youth in recent years. A lot of the time cyber bullying takes place on sites like twitter, face book and sometimes even YouTube. There have been cases all over the news where youth have said that they became depressed because of cyber-bullying.Most youth who have participated in cyber bullying thought that it was funny and not realized that it would have a negative effect on the victim. There have been steps taken to try to prevent cyber-bullying but there are still some cases where it is still happening. Cyber-bullying can be prevented if t he internet use is being monitored. Almost eighty percent of teens said they did not have rules for the internet or that it was not monitored. While browsing the internet the youth can be exposed to a lot of inappropriate websites that most would agree they shouldn’t be exposed to. Twenty five percent of youth had unwanted exposure to sexual pictures on the internet in the past year, challenging the prevalent assumption that the problem is primarily about young people motivated to actively seek out pornography according to youth and society ( quarter of these youth were upset by being exposed to pornography. In other cases when youth are exposed to pornography they become interested and begin watching it regularly. According to one study, when youth under fourteen years of age are exposed to pornography it is related to greater involvement in deviant sexual practice, particularly rape ( It has also been said that because pornography encourages sexual expression without responsibility it endangers children’s health. If a child were to see porn he/she may think that is okay to have unprotected sex which could then lead to std’s and unplanned pregnancy( protectkids,com ). Although porn can and has had negative effects on children it has been said that porn does not always have negative effects on children. Some children are exposed and it has no effect at all. In the end it seems that it may depend on the child if it has a negative effect or not. It also seems that the only way that this can be prevented is if their internet use is monitored. There are strategies that  can be taken to do this (Council). It seems to be proven that the internet can in fact have a negative effect on youth. Social networking sites can cause youth grades to drop. Cyber-bullying mostly takes place on the internet and it cause youth to become depressed. Youth can be exposed to several inappropriate websites which can damage their future development. The internet can be a very useful tool for youth to have access to but it can also have a very negative impact on youth if it is not monitored correctly. To ensure that the internet does not harm our youth in negative way parents/guardians must monitor their children’s internet use.

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Farewell To Arms :: essays research papers

World War One. The first great tragedy of humanity. That is of course excluding love and life. Combine all three and you find one of the most masterfully written novels about life, love, and war that could only be written by Ernest Hemingway. Born July 21, 1899 in Oak Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, Hemingway started his literary career when he was hired as a reporter for the Kansas City Star. During the war he joined the volunteer American Red Cross as a ambulance driver in 1918. After being seriously wounded in the line of duty he was decorated with two Italian medals and joined the Italian infantry. His experiences with journalism and war create a excellent symbiosis to exploit the writers rule, only write about what you know, which makes Farewell to Arms a remarkable novel.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Personal experiences alone don’t always make a good story however. Ernest Hemingway’s ability to achieve a roller coaster of emotions from chapter to chapter is remarkable. The basic feeling of hope and despair take turns throughout the novel but the idea that life is a futile attempt at salvation is stressed at all times. The emotional seesaw that Hemingway puts the reader through is an invigorating experience but even more stimulating since he can maintain the overtones of depression.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Hemingway’s ability to pull so many tragedies together to stress the themes of depression, despair, a futility in humanity also make this novel very impressive. Just the setting of a love affair during wartime implies a dark reckoning upon the two lovers. Everything about the book drives the idea of fate and futility even when the idea and promise of hope is thrown in.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Although the author drive his point home, we have to look at the psychological effects of it on the readers. Now, I have no solid evidence, but I suspect that this book may have driven some to their death. BANG! Right in the head. Realistically, the effects of this book on a persons emotional well- being isn’t exactly positive. The idea of ,“you can’t do anything about it, life is nothing but a four letter word';, should have a tremendous effect on a person if they can connect with the message.

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The Pursuit of Self-Identification

In the novel The Jade Peony, author, Wayson Choy, intelligently writes about two siblings who struggle in the pursuit of self-identification. Their struggles vary as they do not share the same problems during this tough period of their lives. This leads to the debate, whose childhood experiences will affect them more as an adult? Although Jook-Liang had to go through the tough situation of always being under prioritized and always being undermined, her childhood troubles and experiences could never truly be compared with the experiences of Jung Sum.To put it bluntly, Jung Sum’s childhood experiences will affect him more as an adult than Jook-Liang’s experiences would. The reason for this is because, firstly, Jung Sum, as a child, was never truly showered with love, neither was Jook-Liang, but she did not have to suffer the pain of losing her birth parents as Jung Sum did. Also, Jung Sum had to experience the pain of losing a treasured person or pet multiple times, and w hile Jook-Liang did lose a person close to her heart, she only experienced it once.Finally, as both Jook-Liang and Jung Sum struggled with identification, Jung Sum was met with problems while identifying his sexual identity, which was not accepted by any society at that period of time. On the other hand Jook-Liang was only required to identify culturally which would cause problems but eventually allow gain acceptance into at least one society. To start with, Jung Sum never had the privilege of being showered with love during his childhood and even though Jook-Liang was greatly oppressed and unfairly treated by people around her, such as Poh-Poh, she would still ocassionally be loved by those surrounding people.This is evident when Poh-Poh helped Jook-Liang to tie her shoelaces while she was getting ready to dance for Wong Suk (Choy 30). As for Jung Sum, although he was only a child, his birth father would violently abuse him and his mother when he was drunk. The quote â€Å"I waite d for Daddy to get up from the kitchen floor, half-drunk, waited for him to beat me with his belt. † (Choy 96) clearly shows that Jung Sum had to face the unlucky circumstances of child abuse, something Jook-Liang had the privilege of avoiding as her family never resorted to physical abuse.It would be a scarring memory to be violently abused by ones’ own father as a child, a memory that could be carried for a lifetime. This may affect Jung Sum in his latter years as he may recall the abuse of his father and feel dysfunctional. These unresolved issues could cause a severe case of depression in his life. Furthermore, as Jung Sum was adopted into a new family, he immediately felt like an outsider. â€Å"He thought I was too weak to be his brother, a real brother,† (Choy 93) shows that Jung Sum clearly felt marginalized by his new older brother, Kiam.To be adopted into a family full of new and unfamiliar faces and be rebuked immediately by his own â€Å"brother† was a tough situation to be in, especially after losing both his parents. Jook-Liang did not have to go through the process of being adopted into a new family or having to lose her family members prematurely while Jung Sum did. This could possibly go on to affect Jung Sum and make him feel as though he had no one to rely on but himself, possibly causing him to have a lack of trust for other people in the future.Additionally, his childhood experiences may lead him to develop into an adult influenced by those experiences. These unresolved child issues could dwell within him and could cause him to either be more aggressive or more reserved as an adult. He may recall those experiences when dealing with his own children in the future and could possibly treat them the same way his own father treated him or otherwise, might not even attempt to have a close relationship with them.As Jook-Liang did not undergo any extreme circumstances of child abuse, she would probably be less affected a s an adult when compared to Jung Sum. Therefore, Jung Sum has a relatively greater impact on his future life from his adolescent experiences as his experiences produces permanent scars where the problem was not greatly alleviated afterwards. Another problem faced by both of the siblings was with different aspects of identification. Jook-Liang had to struggle with cultural identification while Jung Sum faced problems with sexual identification.Homosexuality is an unaccepted identification which will not be tolerated by any society back in the 1930s, while switching cultural identities will still allow the person to gain acceptance in at least one society. His sexual identity was first suggested in the novel by Poh-Poh as he says that â€Å"Jung Sum is the moon† (Choy 88). Jung Sum then figures out his own sexual identity as it was Frank Yuen that he desired most at that moment during Frank Yuen’s farewell instead of courage (Choy 138) and that â€Å"Frank Yuen is the S un† (Choy 132) while he is the moon.Having to figure out his own sexual identity at such a young age without any guidance was a hard chore as back then love relationships were known to be present only between females and males. In addition, love between the same gender was not only unaccepted in the society, it was greatly rejected. As a result, Jung Sum had to keep his love for the same gender a secret. The inability to reveal his sexual identification would cause him to have the lack of freedom in the pursuit of a preferred life partner.This could affect his happiness as a whole as he is unable to share life experiences in the love aspect of his life as others normally do because of the inability to express his love for his preferred partner. On the other hand, even though Jook-Liang struggled with her cultural identity, no matter which culture she decides to identify with, she would be still accepted, eventually. Jook-Liang’s desire to assimilate into another culture is evidently shown as she looks up to Shirley Temple, an American dancer and actress.Wanting to assimilate into the western culture, she even hoped to see her own reflection in the mirror possessing a westerner’s features, specifically, Shirley Temple’s features (Choy 41). Her struggle comes in as Poh-Poh constantly reminds her of her cultural roots and where she belongs. In the novel, Poh-poh repeatedly tells Jook-Liang that she is not from Canada†¦ and that she is from China (Choy 34). In comparison of their situation as they struggle to identify themselves in the different aspect, Jung Sum is clearly portrayed to have a harder time even in the future.Not being able to be what he really is, his future would be oppressed as he suppresses himself, such that his secret would not be revealed. To put on a mask his entire life and never reveal his sexuality will take a toll on his adult life and he could never truly bring himself to enjoy his life as a whole. Jook-Li ang’s preference of either culture will still allow her to be accepted and although she may not gain the acceptance of one society, she will still gain the acceptance of another, allowing her to lead a normal life.Thirdly, both parties went through the turmoil of losing their loved ones, but Jung Sum had to experience losing many loved ones, losing his mother to violence Frank Yuen to the marines and even his pet turtle, Lao Kwei, to Dai Kew. On the other hand, Jook-Liang only had to experience losing her loved one, Wong Suk, as she never saw him again after he left to go back to China (Choy 71). From when Jung Sum was just a kid, life was tough for him as his father would often abuse him and his mother when he was drunk.His mother was the only one who would protect him from harm from his drunk father as Jung Sum would always be waiting for her to â€Å"tell him to stop†¦[and] twist against the falling belt and take the blows† (Choy 96). Having such a rough childh ood is scarring enough for Jung Sum and yet, he lost his mother at that young age. He went through various foster homes and eventually ended up with the Chen family where he finally found a place called home. In the Chen family, the life for him from the beginning was not exactly hard, as Father and stepmother treated him relatively well.However, he still took time to adapt and at his time with the Chen family, he discovered Lao Kwei and was ecstatic that he could finally own something, having something that he felt that truly belonged to him. Not long after, he lost his beloved turtle as his family decided that it would be okay for Dai Kew to claim back his turtle as he required it for his own personal purposes (Choy 85). Next, when he came to realize that he had a strong attraction to Frank Yuen, it was not long after that he Frank Yuen left him too.As Frank Yuen left to Seattle to join the marines, he left Vancouver and was not expected to return for the next few years (Choy 134) . It is evident that Jung Sum had to experience more pain and suffering than Jook-Liang as he had to repeatedly lose loved ones to different circumstances while Jook-Liang only had to go through that process once. This could cause Jung Sum to gain an insecure mentality that will cause him to always expect the least out of something, possibly causing him to lose hope in many things in the future.Although Jook-Liang may feel sad and depressed about the departure of Wong Suk, she would not have to endure the pain of losing another loved one anytime soon. Coming to a conclusion, both Jook-Liang and Jung Sum had to undergo many challenges and experiences as a child which could affect them as adults. Although Jook-Liang did experience tough trials during her childhood, Jung Sum was a victim of severe turmoil as a child and therefore, his experiences will affect him more as an adult. As a child, Jung Sum never had the opportunity of being showered with love by his own family as Jook-Liang did.Other than that, he also had to experience the pain of losing a loved one or a treasured pet a few times while Jook-Liang only experienced it once. Lastly, his homosexuality was adamantly not accepted by any society in the world at that moment in time while Jook-Liang had to only face the troubles of cultural identification, which still allowed her to be accepted by at least one type of society. All in all, Jung Sum had a tougher childhood experience than Jook-Liang and that would affect his adult life greatly in the future.

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Legal Positivism Vs. Law Of Nature - 1285 Words

Legal Positivism v. the Law of Nature Legal philosophy has changed dramatically throughout the years; many theories have evolved and are still supported to this day. Concepts such as values, morality, desires, and reason all come into play when law is defined. Law is a very difficult word to define; what exactly is it and where does it come from? To understand the idea of law, one must also understand how humans have evolved. From the beginning, humans have been forming groups for survival; either they were frightened by animals or other tribes. As time went on, according to Thomas Hobbes, a government was created to protect humans from their own evil actions. Since humans, according to historic events, have always been brutal it would make sense a governing body was created to put an end to these acts of violent. The question, in reality, is whether the government put an end to violent acts based on ethical reasoning or was it created to promote survival within a larger society. This question brings forth the two legal theories of the Law of Nature and Legal Positivism which both will be discussed later on. Nevertheless, the sense of morality and a divine power was prominent in the past, there has been a change in the present time. We now have a government which creates laws based on current desires and enforce these laws without morality in mind. Morals have dictated the behaviors of different societies throughout time; the idea of morality has been tied alongside aShow MoreRelatedNatural Law Enforces Human Rights907 Words   |  4 PagesNatural Law enforces human rights. When we look at abortions laws we see between a legal system based on the legal theory of natural law the law that comes from God s nature and inherent right and wrong as He defines it furthermore a legal system based on legal positivism (law is derived from whatever man says is law - no inherent right and wrong). Prior to the turn of the 20th century, legal philosophy from whence laws were derived in the Western world was based upon a natural law theory. ARead MoreThe, By Frederick Schauer s Paper, Was Austin Right After All?1551 Words   |  7 PagesOn the Role of Sanctions in a Theory of Law, has two central claims. First, the fact that law is primarily coercive (with the use of sanctions to ensure compliance) has been vastly overlooked in the wake o f H.L.A Hart’s critique of John Austin’s work on legal positivism. Second, those who aim to study the philosophical nature of law would be better to examine what makes law truly important and distinctive rather than the necessary and mandatory features of law. In this paper, I will begin by describingRead MoreAfter a century of criminological theory, why does crime still exist1815 Words   |  8 Pagesphysical, mental, property or financial harm. The fact is, there is no singular definition to crime- there are multiple views and opinions yet none stands as a concrete definition. From a formally legal perspective, crime can be defined as by the state; that is if a specific act is defined by criminal law and is subject to punishment than it can be considered a crime. Conversely from a labelling perspective, crime can only exist if a particular event has resulted in a social response. It is this socialRead MoreThe Sources And Purposes Of Authority2149 Words   |  9 Pa gesIn order to clearly distinguish between the sources and purposes of authority in the prior mentioned legal systems, it is firstly imperative to establish what is meant by the term â€Å"authority;† for without doing so this essay would be categorizing said systems into an arbitrary term, purely up to the subjective discretion of the reader to interpret in any way the reader feels such. Considerable debate has been generated on the term â€Å"authority,† with a multitude of different definitions springing forthRead MoreEffective And Ethically Defensible Methods Of Reducing Crime2344 Words   |  10 Pagessociety s laws and customs, and preventing them from becoming recidivists. However, these methods need to be carefully devised and researched before implementing them in order to avoid morally questionable and invasive procedures, e.g. frontal lobotomy, psychosurgery, chemical and surgical castration. Biological theories Positivism, in relation to criminology, can be separated into three types: Biological (Lombroso), Psychological (Freud), and Social (Park, Durkheim). The purpose of positivism is toRead MoreCRM 1301 Midterm uOttawa Carolyn Gordon Essay10218 Words   |  41 Pagesposition and privileges Challenge authorities = charged with heresy Divert attention Blames witches and the Church becomes indispensible Scapegoat Target powerless or threatening groups Rationale for Punishment Rooted in Christianity Biblical law – lex tallonis (eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth) Penance through physical pain Nothing scared about the body Restore order of the world Maintain balance Eliminate evil spirits through death Symbolism of fire Deterrence General (a sentenceRead MoreUnderstanding Conflict Through Sociological Perspective Essay5342 Words   |  22 PagesTo know the basic meaning of the term ‘conflict’. 2. To understand the conflict theory proposed by Karl Marx. 3. To evaluate classic and modern conflict theories. Research Methodology The research project is descriptive and analytic in nature. The research project is mainly based on secondary sources which include books and web pages. I’ve used empirical methods in making this project by referring to various books kept in the library. These methods do not include field work and mainlyRead Moreâ€Å"Does the Criminal Justice System have a gendered response towards Filicide when it comes to punishing the offender?†2749 Words   |  11 Pagesdifferently from men due to chivalry, paternalism, familial protection, or enforcement of gender appropriate behaviour† (Gelsthorpe 2002). The conviction of murder carries the maximum penalty imprisonment of life behind bars. This would suggest that the legal system would impose severe penalties for offenders of filicide. However, in relation to, the Criminal Justice response to this crime, it is apparent that men and women are perceived and treated in very different ways. The majority of research carriedRead MoreCorrectional Administration Reviewer18383 Words   |  74 PagesHague, Netherlands. ï  ± 1876- the Elmira Reformatory was established in New York. ï  ± the First separate institution for women were established in Indiana and Massachusetts. DIVISIONS OF CRIMINOLGY: 1. Sociology of Law is an attempt at scientific analysis of the conditions under w/c criminal laws develop and w/c is seldom included in the book of criminology. 2. Criminal Etiology is an attempt of scientific analysis of the causes of crimes. 3. Penology is concerned with the control of crime. THE CONCEPTRead MoreHow Tv Commercials Influence Consumer Cosmetic Products Purchasing Decisions18056 Words   |  73 Pagesinfluence Chinese buyers’ purchasing decisions toward company’s toner product; and H4: Persuasive messages in SK-II’s TV commercials influence Chinese buyers’ purchasing decisions towards toner products. The whole research reflects the philosophy of positivism and deduction approach and survey strategy are applied. This research is conducted on sample of 100 SK-II customers who live in Beijing. They are randomly selected from four SK-II retail stores that locate into four famous shopping malls, namely